by Donna Kauffman

June 2003
ISBN: 0-353-38222-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Bantam Books
Trade Paperback

With her forthright, in your face thoughts on men and the dating scene, Tanzy Harrington had made her column the must read romance column in the San Francisco bay area. She has caused quite a stir with her latest thoughts about all men being either sheep or wolves. Tanzy is a woman who is not ready to settle down with only one sheep for the rest of her life. Her tastes run more to the wolf type of man. She believes that all wolves are tamed into becoming sheep when they settle down and get married. Tanzy sees herself as the alpha female if you will, after all what’s good enough for a man should be good enough for her. Why should the guys have all the fun?

Her latest series on the sheep vs. wolf thing has brought Tanzy some unwanted attention it seems. She has acquired a cyber stalker, SoulM8 whose emails become more and more frightening.

Tanzy’s great aunt, Millicent asks her to house sit for her while she is out of town. Millicent’s personal assistant will be at the house she tells Tanzy, but since she will be gone for an extended period she will feel much better if a family member stays at the house as well. Tanzy reluctantly agrees to her aunt’s wishes.

Riley Parrish in reality is a bodyguard hired by Tanzy’s aunt to keep her safe from the cyber stalker. Riley has read Tanzy’s columns and is intrigued by her and decides to have some fun. Although as an ex-football player Riley is what Tanzy would consider a wolf, he dons glasses, a nerdy wardrobe and portrays himself as the classic “sheep”.

After spending a little time with Riley, Tanzy soon finds herself attracted to him despite his “sheep” exterior. Riley soon regrets his deception and finds himself attracted to Tanzy as well. The stakes are raised when the cyber stalker makes a much too close visit and leaves Tanzy a personal note.

Donna Kauffman’s first trade release makes a big splash on the summer reading scene. The Big Bad Wolf Tells All will generate Ms Kauffman a whole new group of readers in addition to her loyal following. Make no mistake although this book may appear to be just another “chick-lit” release, it is a book filled with romance and Ms Kauffman’s trademark. Emotion, humor and witty dialogue. With the added touch of suspense thrown in to keep the reader wondering just who SoulM8 is, and the highly charged sexual tension between Tanzy and Riley Ms Kauffman has penned a sure fire winner that will have readers howling for more.

Reviewed in May 2003 by Barbara.

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