by Molly Harper

July 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4391-6877-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Simon and Schuster
Trade Paperback

When Lacey Terwilliger discovers her husband Mike is having an affair with his secretary, she goes on a rampage. She sends out an email blast that scorches with its description of Mike’s infidelity. Then she starts divorce proceedings. However it is not as easy as one would hope. For one, Lacey is hurting. She cannot help wonder what went wrong, why Mike went to another woman. For another, well, her email has made her infamous and suddenly she is a bit of a laughingstock in her town. Her mother suggests she get away so she holes up in a cabin she owns.

The cabin atmosphere proves to be very therapeutic. Lacey starts writing out her pain and ends up with the start of a story. She also ends up with a grumpy neighbor named Monroe who thinks she is the crazy divorcee from hell. Well, Lacey certainly plans to live up to that impression. But crazy cannot last forever and as Monroe and Lacey start to bond over writing, things heat up. But Lacey is not ready for anything serious while Monroe is falling hard for Lacey. Will these two find a middle ground before it’s too late for their budding relationship?

And One Last Thing… takes its name from the last line of Lacey’s infamous email. It truly is a hoot to read and I loved how she was not afraid to call out her husband on his actions. Lacey is impulsive, a bit crazy in a lovable way, and very scared about what she is going to do now that her life is falling apart. It is not easy for a homemaker (who was not all that interested in the homemaker role) to figure out what to do with her life now. Lacey definitely goes through a crisis but I felt like she came out on top in the end.

This has a nice romance attached to it but truly, this is Lacey’s story of how she steps up into her life and takes control. Molly Harper had me laughing at Lacey’s antics but also commiserating with her while she made some very tough choices. I would love to see another contemporary romance from this author! She has a fresh voice, a talent for humor, and can also pen a steamy intimate scene. This story will tickle your funny bone.

Reviewed in November 2010 by Sarah.

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