by Anna Jeffrey

July 2003
ISBN: 0-451-41097-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Onyx
Mass Market Paperback

Dahlia Montgomery has seen a lot. She has buried a cheating husband, grown up without a mother and has faced the struggles of a woman of mixed heritage. So when her best friend suggests getting away for the summer, she almost litterally jumps at the chance. So, the two women gallivant up country to Idaho (from Texas) to work for a surveyor. But it isn`t exactly what they expect. A cold spring, a house with no furnace and a truck that just won`t run, not to mention a cowboy who seems to always be there to save the day.

Luke McRae has see a lot of tourists come and go, so he figured Dahlia and her friend would be no different. But the woman was everywhere he went! What was a man to do? Date her for the summer, of course. And he does just that, unaware of things brewing in the future completely out of his control.

Normally, I don`t enjoy straight romances with little or no suspense, however, being a sucker for cowboys, I picked up The Love Of A Cowboy and found a quiet spot.

All I can say is: Oh. My. God. Luke is probably one of the hottest men I`ve ever read about, which surprised me because the straight romances I`ve read have been sweeter. But Anna Jeffrey uses plain English and makes each and every scene memorable.

At times, Dahlia was frustrating, but with good reason. Luke met her full force and took some of what she refused to give, which made their love story perfect. Conflict? Not sure the story needed it as hot as Luke is, but there was plenty of that, too. No suspense, which is probably a good thing, too. Because it would have gotten in the way of their relationship and added to the already well developed story. Anything else would have been overkill.

The side characters were wonderful, too. Each falling into their roles wonderfully with a new twist to old scenarios. Furthermore, it`s very obvious that Jeffrey did a lot of research because I know for a fact she`s from Texas, but the small town in Idaho is described so perfectly, it was as if a picture had been set before me to see, instead of words to read.

Be sure you don`t miss the debut book by this talented author!

Reviewed in May 2003 by Lucy.

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