by Marilyn Lee, Christine Warren, Mary Winter

May 2003
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Pleasure Quest is a compilation of three stories that left this reader unsure of the ties that bound them together, and wondering if I had missed something.

Hunters Passion is author Marylyn Lee’s contribution to the anthology. Jemi Hunter’s husband Cody, is dead, but on his deathbed he promised they would be together again. Cody makes good on that promise when he contacts Jemi, and he isn’t quite the same in the afterlife as he was in the land of the living.

Return from Exile by Mary Winters has Major Rina Corvalano in deep do-do over a spat with the son of royalty. Her punishment? Exile from her beloved home planet Yelexia where she leaves behind the love of her life, Ter. Ter is more concerned about his career than Rina, but three years later finds Ter on a mission to bring Rina home.

The Offering by Christine Warren sends Eve Cartwright on a mission to a planet where she will pose as a sex slave to capture a well known space pirate and rebel conspirator Michael Taggart. Eve is primped and preened for the job with some pretty high tech stuff, and this tomboy rebel turns into one hot babe!

Ms. Lee’s story, if this reviewer is honest was terribly confusing. Cody has taken on the body of a lion which he now shares with Hunter. Hunter is the lion and has what I guess was, Cody’s spirit roaming around inside of him. When Jemi ends up where Cody is (not on earth I can tell you) she too is in another body, that of Jeroni a human on Hunters planet. Each couple shares thoughts and feelings with one another, as a group and by two’s. Confused? Me too, and I found I spent far too much time deciphering dialogue, instead of immersing myself in the read. There were also some rather bizarre aspects to the story that didn’t sit well with me. To share them would be to spoil them, but they are easily identified. Though when together Hunter and Jemi had a sensual appeal that was distinctly their own.

Ms. Winter’s tale of exile was just fine, it won’t knock your socks off but it’s a light, quick read with nary a bump in the road. Ter and Rina fit well together, and the story moved along smoothly enough.

Of the three Ms. Warren’s shines! With her trademark wit, and quickly developed, interesting storyline you can’t miss with this author. Woo hoo girls this was a fun, hot ride into intergalactic mayhem! This reviewer loves a smart mouthed tough talking heroine almost as much as she loves those qualities in a hero! Eve and Michael are a roaring good time, and have a surprise or two for the reader. Ms. Warren’s humor is razor sharp and unrelenting and with out a doubt, what gave this book the life it needed!

On the whole I won’t highly recommend this; Ms. Warren’s fine writing skills brought this to a tarnished finish for me. The other two stories were too disappointing in content and plot to say otherwise. Nonetheless if you’re in the mood for a fierce Alpha male, and a rapid fire shot into another world you can’t miss with The Offering. Could just be this reader missed something in the other two tales. I’ll leave that up to you! Lions pursuing other-worldly adventures, military mayhem and undercover mischief is Pleasure Quest.

Reviewed in May 2003 by Connie.