by Kate Hill

May 2003
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Seraphim Kellen is an Immaculate. A ten thousand year old vampire descendant from the first hybrids and one of the only survivors of the destruction of Atlantis. He is also holding a secret that could be the salvation or the destruction of their whole race.

He and Vincent DiLorenzo have been enemies for a millennia. They meet every century to fight over the death of the mortal woman they both loved, Nenet. They are also agents for the Network, An agency that was formed to govern over the vampire race. When they are paired to investigate the possible existence of a rare plant, Deep Red, brought to earth by the Originals, the sparks fly from the start.

While they try to find out if the rumors are true, Seraphim finds himself attracted to a mortal dancer, Hannah who is being blackmailed by Sir Edward Race, to dance and “entertain” his guests. Hannah expects Seraphim to want the same thing all vampires want from her, but she is soon proven wrong. She is not sure how to react to his gentleness and passion especially when he takes time to arouse and satisfy her passions.

Hannah is not sure she can trust a vampire. After all, she has only known pain and humiliation at their hands and fears being hurt again. I can understand her feelings, but there are moments during this story when I just want to say, 'I know, I know, get on with it already'. But the one thing I have to admire about Hannah, is when she realizes how she feels about Seraphim, she is willing to be transformed into a vampire to spend eternity with him. Seraphim is not quite so easy to convince. He is afraid of all the things that could happen to her during the transformation, but eventually he realizes that he loves her too much to give her up.

We get to see more of Vincent and Trixie, from Holiday Stalking, and other characters from previous books in this series. It is definitely a treat. What no one expects in the secret that Seraphim has been keeping will cause them to question all that they have believed about themselves and their race. All he wants to do is keep it safe and go on with his life.

Deep Red is the continuation of a series written by author Kate Hill. This book was funny, sexy and action packed. It really isn’t necessary to read the first three to know who is who, and what is happening. There is definitely a happily ever after for all our hero’s and heroines.

Reviewed in May 2003 by Carolyn.

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