by Kate Pearce

August 2010
ISBN: 978-0-451-23094-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

In an effort to gain control of England, Henry Tudor enlisted the help of the Druids who would in turn defeat the Vampires. Throughout time the Druids have remained constant in protecting the Tudor monarchs. Henry VIII is now on the throne, but he has no knowledge of the pact. When bodies, drained of blood, start showing up, the Druids send Rosalind Llewellyn to the Tudor court. Once there she must make King Henry aware of the problem in order to receive access to him and Queen Katherine. Merely dealing with the king is dangerous at best.

The Vampires realize there is a rogue vampire causing havoc in the Tudor court and creating a threat to their existence so, they send Druid Slayer Sir Christopher Ellis to take care of it.

Sparks fly when Rosalind and Christopher meet for the first time. They were born and raised enemies who find themselves with a common cause; much to the horror of their respective grandfathers. It seems both Rosalind and Christopher were instructed to seduce the other in an attempt to distract. The sexual tension is distracting all right. Then Rosalindís long time friend, Rhys, reveals his feelings for her and a representative of the Vampire Council shows up at court to assist Rosalind and Christopher. But neither are confident that he can be trusted.

Rosalind and Christopher must deal with their own personal demons as they hunt a real monster, including a prophecy which suggests their assignments were anything but happenstance.

Kiss of the Rose begins a new series by author Kate Pearce. The author plans to give a book to each of the six wives of Henry VIII. I admit I was delighted at the idea of The Tudor Vampire Chronicles. Taking an already volatile period in history and combining it with the paranormal promises adventure and Ms. Pearce delivers it. There is a satisfactory combination of romance, history, and the paranormal. Readers will have to wait, however, to find out the answers to their questions in the follow-up book, Blood of the Rose.

Reviewed in September 2010 by Rho.

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