by Laura Frantz

July 2010
ISBN: 978-0-8007-3340-7
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Trade Paperback

In 1765, Morrow Little lost her mother and sister in a Shawnee raid and her brother disappeared that same day. It was believed he was kidnapped by the Shawnee. Morrow was sent to Pennsylvania to live with an aunt. Her father remained behind in Red River, Kentucke (before it became Kentucky).

p class=ident5> It was 1778 when Morrow returned to her father. She found it difficult to assimilate, not because of the wilderness, but because of her fatherís relationship with the Shawnee. Morrow could barely stay in the house when her fatherís friends, Surrounded by the Enemy and his son, Red Shirt came to visit. Morrowís spirit was tested each time they arrived. She couldnít forgive as easily as her father seemed to do. Anger, hurt, and fear melded into bitterness as she laid the sins of the Shawnee at Surrounded and Red Shirtís feet. Unfair as that may be, Morrow wanted little to do with them.
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p class=ident5> Morrow rekindled friendships at the Fort where her father preached as well as meeting new people. One of which was the Major McKie, who showed an interest in Morrow. Morrow didnít have to be in his company long, however, to realize he was not a nice man. McKie wanted her as his wife and he was willing to kill to make that happen. Morrow was frightened what the Major might do if he found out her father allowed two Shawnee men into his home. It also frustrated Morrow. Her father was already ill; he didnít need to make things more difficult by befriending the enemy.
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p class=ident5> As time passed, the fear and hurt began to subside in Morrow. The residual anger she felt faded each time she saw Red Shirt. It took a tragedy to see she was falling in love with him. But with so much going on around them, the war with Britain and with the Shawnee, did their love stand a fighting chance?
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p class=ident5> Courting Morrow Little by Laura Frantz is an inspirational historical romance that will warm the heart of every reader. The heroine is easy to relate to as she grows out of prejudice and pain into a courageous and strong woman. One who, despite what she has been through, never loses her faith in God.
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p class=ident5> I love history, but when I read a romance novel I want a love story, not a history lesson. Consequently, I was happy to find the author used history to create a background, but always kept focus on the main characters. While this was my first read by Laura Frantz, I know it will not be my last.
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Reviewed in October 2010 by Rho.

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