by Cara Summers

June 2010
ISBN: 978-0-373-79551-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #547
Mass Market Paperback

Author Cara Summers introduced readers to Haworth House and the Brightman sisters in her recent novel, Led Into Temptation. Now we will revisit Belle Island and see if a second prediction will come true from Hattie Haworth's hidden room.

Jillian Brightman is energized to be back on Belle Island. The plans for her new shop are moving along nicely, and she has a meeting that may boost her career even further. As a decorator, she has poured her passion into the rooms at Haworth House, and now a successful hotelier and his son want to see her work. The fantasy she revealed in the tower room is the furthest thing from her mind.

Haworth House manager Avery Cooper is very worried. Several incidents have happened that could have had devastating consequences for Haworth House and the Brightman sisters. Unwilling to voice his concerns to the family, he has contacted McFarland Investigations instead. Since Naomi is married to one of the private investigators, they are extended family. He hopes Ian McFarland can find out what is going on and put a stop to it before someone gets hurt. Using the cover as a novelist, Ian can talk to the staff and guests as research, putting the incidents into their proper perspective. Avery hopes it is all paranoia and not a direct threat to the resort.

When Jillian meets novelist “Jack Ryan” that fantasy immediately comes to mind. He would be the perfect stranger for her seduction scenario, especially since she won't let him tell her his name. Their no-strings encounter is blazing hot, but both of them are left wanting more. As the danger escalates and Jillian becomes a target, Ian must reveal his identity and end the danger. Will Jillian want more than a momentary interlude? Is she ready for love? Readers will find Taken Beyond Temptation to be a sexy fast-paced story of peril and passion.

Reviewed in June 2010 by Paula.

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