by Sabrina Jeffries

September 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4391-6734-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Annabel Lake will do anything to save her familyís brewery from ruin. Her sottish falling down brother is not doing anything to make the business better, so the responsibility is hers. Annabel has one shot, that is go to London and convince the proprietess of Plumtree Brewery of partnership that will be lucrative for both of them. This country lass is heading to London, only to find a handsome gentleman behind the desk instead of an aging widow.

Jarrett Sharpe has spent his life hiding his feelings behind being successful at wenching and gambling. He never gets his emotions tied up in anything that will cause him to care too much. After all, if you care too much, Fate may snatch it from you and leave you broken and alone. Then his Gran gets sick and she needs him to run the brewery in her stead. He had given up that dream a long time ago, but they strike a deal. He runs Plumtree for a year, and she will not force him to marry. Sounds like a plan, then he meets Annabel.

Jarrett and Annabelís personalities are like oil and water, but there passion for each other is a combustible element. When they wager his help for a night in bed with her, Annabel is caught by how him bedding her has become her fantasy. She wins and Jarrett agrees to go to Burton with her to negotiate a deal. He does not just find a struggling brewery, but he finds something he has always ran from, the key to his heart.

Man, I love this story. It is laugh out loud funny. I belly laughed during quiet reading time in my class. Annabel is clever and passionate. She leads Jarrett around on a merry chase that is enlightening and causes his character to become very self aware. One lesson I learned from this story is the great lengths strong women will go through to preserve the life and love of their family. Great story Ms. Jeffries, you have truly made my reading journey a trip to enjoy.

Reviewed in October 2010 by Lakisha.

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