by Kate Brady

September 2010
ISBN: 978-0-446-54153-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Grand Central Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

After helping to pull a young woman away from a life of crime, Detective Dani Cole is horrified to find that only days later the woman has been brutally murdered. Somehow, the only lead in Daniís investigation leads her right to a man that she hasnít spoken to for more than eighteen years: world renowned photojournalist Mitch Sheridan.

Mitch, a wealthy and handsome man, believes that he has spent his years trying to save the world and the people in it. Dani Cole has spent eighteen years trying to forget this man, and almost succeeds until her newest case. When the investigation itself starts to get a bit more than casual and a spark lights up between Dani and Mitch, it starts to get difficult to manage their time. They have to work out their differences, and at the same time, get a ruthless killer who is acting the part of an ideal citizen off the streets and away from his potential victims.

With a painful past they must put behind them as they race against time to find the killer of not only the woman Dani helped, but five more desperate woman that were murdered, can they forget the love they once shared? Or will they act upon the spark that has ignited between them? Who will be the Last To Die?

I enjoyed this book but, found it to be a slow moving story. I found myself setting it down and really was in no rush to pick it back up.

Reviewed in October 2010 by Theresa.

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