by Mariah Stewart

August 2010
ISBN: 978-0-345-52035-7
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Mass Market Paperback

Dallas McGregor is used to the intrusion of paparazzi in her acting career. When her soon-to-be-ex husband creates a firestorm of scandal with his latest escapade, the fallout goes beyond Dallas to her young son, Cody. That is not acceptable, and the need to shield Cody sends her to the one place she feels safe her Great-Aunt Berry's home in St. Dennis, Maryland.

Berry is not the only one to welcome Dallas back to St. Dennis. Many of the people she spent those summers with have stayed on or returned to the picturesque small town. The citizens have always adored Berry, and taken pride in her acting career. It was no stretch to feel the same way about Dallas. Now that she needs their help, they will close ranks and make sure that Cody is secure until the press has a new target.

The one person Dallas does not expect to see is Grant Wyler. He was her first love and the one who lost everything when she left to become an actress. When she learns that he has returned to be the town veterinarian, she is not sure how he will feel about seeing her again.

Grant knows that he will have to see Dallas eventually. He hopes that it does not bring all those feelings back. It took him a long time to get over her, and he is not willing to set himself up for that heartache again. He would rather spend time with his daughter, Paige, while she is there for the summer, and work on his animal shelter.

Summer in St. Dennis is the perfect time for reunions and new beginnings. Author Mariah Stewart brings readers Home Again as a great read for a cozy weekend. There is plenty of humor, just a touch of suspense, and lots of love woven into the story. The Chesapeake Diaries series is gaining momentum and I have a feeling that things are going to be even more interesting in the coming books.

Reviewed in October 2010 by Paula.

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