by Jambrea Jo Jones

June 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4199-2845-1
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Rebecca Lynn Scott is a driven, workoholic attorney. She wanted the partnership at her firm so bad she could taste it, but when it was given to someone else, she was majorly pissed off. So she decided to focus her hostility on the MAN that received the promotion, Samson Roust. There is one hitch to her plan, she is wildly attracted to him. Like horn-dog attracted. To add fire to her ire, her friend invites the object of her lust to their private party. Great, now that her friends have found their significant other, they want to play matchmaker. Why won’t everybody just stay out of her business? Becca has it all under control. Yeah right!

Samson has wanted Becca since the first day he started working at the firm. Everytime he comes near her, it is like he has entered a no fly zone. So he does what any smart man would do, get to the chick through her friends. When Sam has his first taste of Becca he knows there is not going back.

Appealing Proposal is a fast-paced, upbeat story. Telling it in first person gives the reader some insight of the erratic behavior of the heroine. She is strong, driven, and loyal to those around her. I enjoyed this story because the author does not allow her heroine to be weak and willing to give up her dreams of success. The characters vibe off of each other, giving the story engaging dynamics. Good read.

Reviewed in July 2010 by Lakisha.

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