by Eileen Goudge

June 2003
ISBN: 0-451-20734-3
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Mass Market Paperback

Though everyone knows everbody else’s business in Carson Springs, Gerry Fitzgerald has still managed to keep a very powerful secret for twenty-eight years. It’s one that will send the gossiping tongues of the town wagging and one that will threaten the fragile stability of Gerry’s family.

Years ago, she gave a child up for adoption. Now, her maternal instincts have her seeking out her daughter, Claire. But as Gerry reopens the past, she must also face the present – her neighbors, her shocked children, Aubrey; her lover, and Claire’s father, a man who will manipulate and lie to keep his skeletons in their closets.

Nobody does it better than Eileen Goudge! Just a few weeks ago, I read the first Carson Springs novel, Stranger in Paradise, and I was awed by Eileen Goudge’s literary talents. Every sentence was engrossing. The outstanding characters and the dramatic story line mesmerized me. I knew I would probably never ever find a better book.

That was until I picked up Taste of Honey, the follow-up to Stranger in Paradise. With this one, Eileen Goudge has gone from gifted writer to literary diva status. Taste of Honey is thunder on a stormy night and at the same time, that warm glass of brandy that keeps you comfortable and warm.

Captivating and tinted with romance and mystery, this story is one scrumptious, flawlessly written read. The engaging pace of the novel never lets up, and the characters are portrayed so vividly with their faults and virtues that one can’t help but wonder if they are real. They are the kind of people we can all identify with, the kind we all want to know.

Trust me, Taste of Honey is one book you’ll definitely want to read.

Reviewed in June 2003 by Natasha.

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