by Maureen Child

ISBN: 03-312-98920-2
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Mass Market Paperback

St. Martinís Press is offering the first two books in a new contemporary trilogy as a 2-for-1 set. This marketing strategy worked very well for Josie Litton a few years ago, and I think it will work well for Maureen Child as well.

In the first book, Finding You, we meet the Candellano family. Angela the matriarch, Tony the town sheriff, twins Nick and Paul, and Carla. Carla has returned to her hometown of Chandler to try and set her life back on track. A dedicated search dog trainer, she has retired from active rescue activities and settled into raising and training future generations of search canines. With her faithful companion Abbey by her side, and a litter of rambunctious puppies, she thinks that she is happy. And perhaps she is, on the outside, but she has some healing to do on the inside.

Jackson Wyatt has come to Chandler, hoping desperately that the small town will help his afflicted daughter, Reese, overcome the trauma that has rendered her speechless. He is discovering that the quaint community has a lot to offer, and that they take an inordinate amount of interest in strangers - so he and silent Reese are the newest topic of conversation. When Reese discovers that her neighbor has a yard full of roly-poly Golden Retriever puppies, she is smitten. As Carla and Jackson warily circle each other and their attraction, the rest of the Candellano family quickly take Reese into their hearts. Who couldnít love this little girl, so silent and sad?

Finding You is a lovely story about misplaced guilt and second chances. Jackson feels responsible for his wifeís death, and the trauma that Reese is suffering. Carla cannot get past the failed rescue mission that drove her back home, and Reese will not speak because she is feeling her own level of remorse. Watching the three wounded hearts come together and heal each other is very satisfying. It also lays excellent groundwork for the other stories to come.

Reviewed in May 2003 by Paula.

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