by Shana Galen

October 2010
ISBN: 978-1402238666
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Mass Market Paperback

London, 1801

Armand Harcourt, Comte de Valere, has spent twelve years in a French prison, forgotten and alone. Witnessing the atrocities of the French Revolution and the destruction of his aristocratic family, Armand is rescued by his older brother, Julien. Julien, the Duke of Valere, his wife Sarah and his mother have spent months trying to coax Armand back into the gentle ways of civilization. But there is barely anything left of the sweet, smart, young boy he had once been. Armand will not speak or allow the touch of another. Deciding the best course of action would be to hire a tutor for Armand and is thankful for a quick response from Miss Felicity Bennett.

Felicity is left penniless and dependent on the assistance of her aunt who already has six children to feed after the death of her father. On his deathbed, Felicityís father thought he was making a good decision as to the welfare of Felicity by betrothing her to local hero turned con man, Charles St. John. Now, the despicable Charles is blackmailing Felicity to come up with enough money to pay off his gambling debts or he will force her into marriage or worse. Determined to make this position with the Valere family work, Felicity is stunned when she learns that it is not a young boy she will be tutoring, but a full grown, strikingly handsome Comte.

Felicity immediately feels a connection to the untamed Armand, and Armand finally finds the one person who can sooth his damaged soul. Then enemies from Armandís past catch up with him in London and threaten his family and Miss Bennett. Armand must unlock terrible long buried secrets from his mind or he will lose Felicity, a fate worse then anything he ever suffered in prison!

Vividly intense, and totally absorbing The Making of a Gentleman is an adrenaline rush from start to finish! Shana Galen once again brings her characters to life through the expertise of her writing. Itís hard not to fall for the brooding and dark Armand right along with Felicity. Take a moment to escape with The Making of a Gentleman, a story you will commit to your heart!

Reviewed in September 2010 by Bonnie.

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