by Lora Leigh

October 2010
ISBN: 978-0425237397
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

After her father and brother were killed by Coyote Breeds, Storme Montague was certain of very little. Except that the research her father died protecting could drastically alter public opinion of the Breeds. Pursued by Genetics Council Breeds and free Breeds across the globe, Storme has learned harsh lessons about the price of loyalty. Putting her trust in anyone is hard for her. Trusting a Wolf Breed just may save her life and open a new world of pleasure, passion and show her what it means to be mated to a wolf in sheeps clothing.

Styx`s experiences with the Genetics Council were slightly different from most Breeds. It makes him uniquely qualified to handle the mission to safeguard Storme Montague and the information she possesses. Discovering she is his mate is an ill timed but welcome revelation. Getting her to trust him may be the most dangerous mission of his life but the reward will be indescribable. All he has to do is flush out the spy in their midst and convince Storm that her bitterness can lead to a sweet future.

In Styx`s Storm we encounter a first for a Lora Leigh Breed novel, a heroine who may be irredeemable. Throughout a great deal of the book Storme`s stubborn inability to see reason was frustrating to say the least. After reading the book over again I realized why: Storme looks at the situation from a teen`s view point. We all know how irksome that can be. But she is saved from ignominy by the love and understanding of one hell of a tough Breed in Styx.

When we look at Storm through Styx`s eyes we finally see the woman behind the embittered child; she is redeemed and redeemable. So, if you havenít read Styx`s Storm, or you put it down out of frustration with one character or another give it another chance. I did and was happy to get a better perspective of this book. Enjoy.

Reviewed in August 2011 by Cynthia.

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