by Goldie McBride

June 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60394-435-9
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Mary Catherine Brooks is about to die and she knows it. Her idiot, abusive husband is trying to get them over a river that is raging because of the many storms that have taken place in the area. To add insult to injury, a band of raiders have come and overtaken them, and now she is just trying to survive the attack. She finally gets away, and begins to try to live with the debilitating fear that has been her cocoon all of her life. There is one man who can help her heal from a life of abuse and no love, John Conyers St. Claire. But Cat trusts no one, and she fears that the raiders may come after her.

When John Conyers St. Claire, or Con, found Cat she was delirious with fever trying to run away from him. He had to get her home so that he can get her well. While he is taking care of her, he begins to feel the stirrings of emotions towards this slip of a woman. When she opens her eyes, he sees the soul of fear and deep sadness, but despite this he is willing to wait for her to be his. When a conspiracy is revealed to put them both in the grave, Mary Catherine has to decide to hide in the shroud of her fear or emerge and live life to its fullest.

Lord of Chaos starts off really slow, but like a spark that ignites a fire, it picks up and becomes fully inflamed. One of the main aspects of this story is the constant internal conflicts of the main characters. One is able to really understand why they act a certain way. Also, this story gives insight into the mind of an abused person and the fears they must overcome to move on with their life. If you can addle through the slow start, the meat of the story will be worth the journey.

Reviewed in August 2010 by Lakisha.

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