by Pam Rosenthal

ISBN: 0-7582-0443-4
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Trade Paperback

Pam Rosenthal makes a spectacular debut with Almost a Gentleman. This witty romp through Regency London brings the reader snappy dialogue, unforgettable characters and an impatience to read her next book.

In matters of style, no one holds more sway over the ton than Mr. Philip "Phizz" Marston, the arbiter of all things fashionable. A word from Mr. Marston, and club memberships are denied, tailors are sought, and suitors deemed insufficient. The epitome of elegance, Mr. Marston sets the fashion and is sought after from all quarters. What would society think of his secret?

Lord David Hervey is fortunate enough to make a favorable impression upon Societyís Darling. However, he is disconcerted to discover that he is thinking of the young man along lines that, shall we say, are distressing for this manly Earl. He cannot imagine that he is attracted to Mr. Marston! What is it about this young rogue that is setting off alarm bells?

Fear not, gentle reader! This is not that sort of romance! Instead this is a tale of heartbreak and loss, of strength and purpose. When Phoebe, Lady Claringworth, rose from the ashes of a brutal marriage and the loss of her young son, she set out to live her life by no oneís rules. What better way to accomplish this than by becoming a man? Aided by her loyal servants and her dearest friend, Phoebe sets the ton on its collective ear for three years. Now that she is a success, along comes the Earl of Linseley, with his workmanís hands and noble heart. How are they going to handle this attraction?

Readers who enjoy historical romance, and the Regency period in particular, will find Almost a Gentleman entertaining and satisfying. I look forward to Ms. Rosenthalís next book.

Reviewed in May 2003 by Paula.

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