by Jo Beverley

August 2001
ISBN: 0-451-20254-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Jo Beverley will take your breath away, again. The Devil's Heiress is the third book in Jo's "Georges" series, beginning with The Demon's Mistress, her novella contribution in the book In Praise of Younger Men and then, The Dragon's Bride. Both previous books are still available in bookstores.

Miss Clarissa Greystone was sold into marriage by her parents. Fortunately for her, her betrothed was murdered soon after they became engaged. If that wasn't enough, he stipulated in his will that all of his money will be her's on her twenty first birthday. You would think that Clarissa would be happy about this, but you see, Lord Deveril was a very bad egg, who met with a very bad ending, stabbed over 20 times. Noone mourns him and all are glad that he's dead, including Clarissa; who actually threw up on him when he kissed her for the first time! Now she's labeled the Devil's Heiress, and every fortune hunter in society is going to be after her. What's a girl to do?!

Major George Hawkinsville returns from the battlefields of Waterloo, to find out that his father has mortgaged Hawkinville Manor for twenty thousand pounds and stands to lose everything if it can't be paid back in thirty days. If that's not bad enough, he finds out that the reason his father is so in debt is because he needed the money to gain a title, Lord Deveril, which should have been his upon the death of Lord Deveril. The title comes with an estate but the money was willed to Miss Clarissa Greystone, George's father thinks that the will had to have been forged. Who in their right mind would will a fortune over to a nineteen-year-old girl?

George could care less about the title or the new estates, but he does hate to see injustice done, and if the will was a forgery, he means to get to the bottom of it, and see Miss Greystone pay for her crime. Did she plot to kill Deveril and make up a false will? He goes in search of the chit and vows to do everything and anything to get her money, even if he has to marry her to do it. At least that was the plan, until he actually meets her. How could anyone so plain, yet so pretty, be capable of such a heinous crime? And how will he protect his heart from becoming entangled with her and still see justice served?

This was a great book. Jo Beverley has a way of writing that actually puts you there on the pages. I love that she also incorporates past characters from previous books into the storyline. You'll get reacquainted with Van from The Demon's Mistress; and Con, from The Dragon's Bride. You also may recognize past characters from her Rogues books, An Arranged Marriage and An Unwilling Bride, which are reissues and should still be found in bookstores.

The Devil's Heiress is an enjoyable read and one that I would highly recommend.

Reviewed in August 2001 by Debbie.

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