by Kay Hooper

May 2003 Reissue
ISBN: 0-425-18825-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Best-selling novelist Kay Hooper takes us back to her early series romance roots with the anthology Enchanted. On the back cover, she tells the readers that she wanted to revisit some of her most interesting stories. She has picked three winners from the Second Chance at Love series, published under the name Kay Robbins.

Kissed by Magic tells the story of Rebel Sinclair, a workaholic hotel executive, and her extraordinary assistant Donovan Knight. While negotiating with a chauvinistic property owner, they reverse roles and discover that they work well as a team, no matter who the boss is!

Trevor King finds his life is turned upside down when he encounters a family of psychics in Belonging to Taylor. The lawyer likes order and logic in his life, but they disappear when Taylor Shannon takes him home to meet her family. From hamster hunting to piano practice, Trevor is quickly accepted as Taylorís future husband - of course, they would know in advance!

While there are not psychics in Eye of the Beholder, there is a talented artist, who sees beyond the surface of her subjects. Wounded and wary, Tory Michaels does not know how to accept Devon York at face value. Surely no one can be that accomodating and congenial, can they? Devon took one look at Toryís stricken eyes and longed to erase all of her pain. It is a good thing that the archaeologist is a patient man, because Tory has some strong defenses to conquer.

As a long-time fan of Kay Hooper, I was pleased to find this anthology on the bookstore shelf. I had never read these stories, though, because I encountered Ms. Hooperís work on the Loveswept series line. Each one had all the elements of a good romance - strong characters, deep emotions and lots of love! I hope that she will consider reissuing some of her other memorable books - I will be waiting with my checkbook!

Reviewed in May 2003 by Paula.

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