by Sydney Croft

August 2010
ISBN: 978-0-385-34228-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Bantam Books
Trade Paperback

When a Navy SEAL team is wiped out in the Brazilian rainforest, ACRO goes on alert. Something pretty powerful had attacked the elite unit, and it was definitely not a regular wild beast. Nothing “normal” could have taken out the entire squadron. Two agents are sent to investigate – Sela Kahne, a cryptzoologist, and Marlena West posing as her assistant. They hope to find the unaccounted-for SEAL still alive and able to tell them what happened.

Chance McCormack has no idea how he survived the attack. Whatever that creature was, it destroyed his team and left him severely wounded. He is not to sure about his “rescuers”. They seem to have their own agenda. All Chance knows is that he feels different, as if something inside has changed. Did it have to do with the creature or his injuries?

Sela and Marlena will need to use all of their ACRO abilities to help Chance and the GWC team who rescued him. Logan Mills may be leading the group, but someone else is calling the shots. Logan will find his loyalties divided between doing what is right, what is necessary and what is demanded.

In counterpoint to the jungle action, the writing team known as Sydney Croft set up some emotional turmoil at HQ. Creed and Ani receive unexpected news that sends their relationship into a tailspin, and Dev's lover Gabe is reeking havoc in the training sessions.

When ACRO is involved, their evil twin ITOR cannot be far behind and readers will be introduced to a new enemy – Phoebe – who appears to be on a collision course with Devlin in a future novel. Tempting the Fire has all of the elements we have come to expect from the Croft team and they always leave readers anxious for more.

Reviewed in July 2010 by Paula.

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