by Fern Michaels

September 2010
ISBN: 978-0-7582-2720-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Kensington Publishing
Trade Paperback

Toots Loudenberry has uprooted herself from her comfortable South Carolina roots to be close to her daughter Abby in busy, crazy Los Angeles. With her are Abby's godmothers. What Abby does not realize is Toots is there to quietly make sure Abby's magazine, The Informer, does not go under and take everyone with it. Toots knows if Abby gets wind of her mother's finger in the pie, there will be some fireworks and the possibility Abby will want her Mother out of her life for good.

With Toots and her friends one never knows what is about to happen. They manage to find themselves in some crazy situations without really intending for that to happen. Their hearts are in the right spot, but their spur of the moment decisions could cost Abby more than the magazine. Toots will have to do some fast thinking on her feet if she wants to get back home to her comfort zone.

Fern Michaels is an amazing writer, she seems to know her readers demand the characters be true to life, have some wit and grit about them. She always gives her readers what they expect from her books. This is the second book in her Godmother's series, the first was The Scoop.

Reviewed in January 2011 by Pat.

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