by Jo Beverley

May 2001
ISBN: 0-451-20359-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Anything Jo Beverley writes sizzles, and The Dragon's Bride is no exception. The Dragon's Bride is a continuation of her George's series, which started with The Demon's Mistress in her novella contribution In Praise of Younger Men.

Con Somerford, the new Earl of Wyvern, arrives home from the war only to discover he's inherited an Earldom and an estate on the Devon coast. When he arrives at his estate, he finds the housekeeper is Susan Kerslake; the one woman who has shunned and turned him away ten years ago. What the devil is she doing here?

Susan Kerslake, the new housekeeper at Crag Wyvern, was drawn back to Con's home by rumors of hidden gold and to help her family's smuggling operation. With news that the new lord is coming to take his rightful place as Earl, she isn't too worried. That is until the new lord turns out to be Con Somerford, also known as Demon to his friends. She remembers all those years ago, when they were young and foolish and how she shunned him for not being the next in line to inherit the earldom. Now he's here. What will she do? What will happen if Con finds out that she's heading the smuggling ring because of her missing brother?

Can they put aside their past and try to make something of the future? Interfering relatives, a smuggling ring, and Con's internal wounds from the war keep getting in the way. With time and love, they can overcome all obstacles.

I liked this book very much. The characters are well rounded and the events of their past are detailed so the reader isn't left with any loose ends or gaps in the history of their relationship. If you're looking for steamy sex scenes, this book doesn't have many, although their private thoughts can be pretty explicit.

This book is a definite keeper and shouldn't be missed.

Reviewed in September 2001 by Debbie.

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