by Louisa Edwards

September 2010
ISBN: 978-0-312-35647-7
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Curl up in your favorite chair, author Louisa Edwards has served up another installment in her Recipe For Love series. The kitchen at Market is sizzling with tension these days, ever since bad-boy sous chef Frankie decided that his romance with sweet young waiter Jess had run its course. The staff is on tenterhooks waiting to see how both men will handle working in such close quarters.

Hurt and looking for support, Jess turns to his friend on staff, eager young chef-in-training Wes Murphy. It seems Wes has heartache of his own, and trying to help Jess only brings those memories back to life.

When he was a student at the Academy of Culinary Arts, he became involved with a new instructor, and the fallout threatened her research. Wes thought he did the right thing, but looking back at the situation now, he realizes that Rosemary must have been devastated. Does he have enough backbone to make things right?

Dr. Rosemary Wilkins was terrified of standing at that podium talking about chemistry to a bunch of culinary students. She really needed the Academy's facilities for her research, and agreed to step in when another instructor became ill. She had no social skills, especially not the kind required to reach a group of students who had no interest in the subject matter. When Wes Murphy helps her break the ice, she is grateful. He offers to help with her research, and then, just when things get really complicated, he moves on, leaving her bewildered and hurt.

Just One Taste delivers another dynamic story series fans have come to expect from the talented Ms. Edwards. There is plenty of kitchen mayhem, passion and great food! Wes deserved his own story, and readers will be satisfied with the results. I wonder who is next on the menu?

Reviewed in September 2010 by Paula.

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