by Vicki Lewis Thompson, Carly Phillips, Janelle Denison

July 2003
ISBN: 0-373-83574-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

Invitations To Seduction is just that - a book of seduction called Sexcapades. The red leather covered book graces a table in the office of Divine Events and clients are urged to pull out a page and then act out whatever fantasy is taken. The stories are set around the pages torn out of the book.

The first story, Illicit Dreams, is by Vicki Lewis Thompson and what a story it is to begin the fantasies. Lindsey has one handsome hunk for a neighbor and he, Hunter, has a very active sex life. Lindsey can hear Hunter and his girlfriend through the thin walls separating their bedrooms. Lindsey has a motto of no dating guys on the rebound and that is what Hunter turns into or so Lindsey thinks. She decides she wants Hunter even if he was on the rebound. She has fantasies about Hunter for so long and he had some of his own about her. Remember she pulled a page from the Sexcapades book and what a fantasy! Will Lindsey be able to fulfill the fantasy that she selected? Will the fantasy finally bring them together?

Carly Phillips set the stage for the next Sexcapades page pulled out. Regan Davis is jilted and pretty much alone in a new city, where she went to live with her former fiancée. So off she goes to Divine Events to cancel her wedding plans. But upon canceling her wedding, she also takes a page from Sexcapades, and upon taking the page encounters one ruggedly handsome man, Sam Daniels. Regan is a southern belle born and bred and she wanted to finally take control of her life after being dumped by her fiancée. Can she start taking control of her life and in doing so find the man she needs and wants? Will she be able to Go All The Way with Sam?

His Every Fantasy is the last story by Janelle Denison. Leah Burton has a decision to make, whether to get married or not to her current boyfriend, Brent. The only problem is she isn’t sure about her feelings for him. She has to decide whether to accept Brent's proposal or to act on the feelings she has for someone else. Leah tears a page out of Sexcapades and decides to make Jace Rutledge the object of her desires. Leah has had feelings for Jace since she was a teenager and Jace is her older brothers’ best friend. Can these two friends be more? Can Jace get over his past to have a future with Leah? Can Leah fulfill Jace’s every fantasy?

Invitations To Seduction is filled with what we expect from these three fabulous authors. The hope that all is not lost, that you can take charge of your life and make a difference. Each story is full of sexual tension, exploits, and wit that draws the reader into each story and puts them right there with the characters. Of the three stories, I would have to say that His Every Fantasy held the most appeal to me. I enjoyed the characters and the fact that they had known each other for years and had feelings for each other from the first time they met. Ms. Phillips story had me thinking at the end of it, well before I was finished with it actually. Can someone know from just a look if he or she is the one for them? Can they instantly know they belong together and feel deeply for the other? Yes, I do believe in love at first sight, but not the depth that the characters felt.

Reviewed in June 2003 by Pam.