by Lanette Curington

May 2003
ISBN: 1-59279-106-9
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There is a lot going on in Starkissed, the newest release by Ms. Curington. This is the story of two people, Leith McClure, a human woman from Earth, and Warrior of Zi, JQhir, a reptilian race.

Betrayed by a trusted friend and family employee of the McClures, Steve Hancock, Leith and JQhir are stranded on an uninhabited planet in a neutral territory, they have no hope of being rescued. Their only hope is to find a way to survive. But first they must find food and shelter. Its almost winter and true to his reptilian metabolism, once the temperature drops, so does JQhir.

Leiths strengths and weaknesses are tested and she finds out that she is stronger than she thought she was; and JQhir finds out that there is more to life than duty. But Leith is forbidden. But the will to survive is strong and so is desire. The true test is to see if what they feel for each is the real thing or just primitive instinct.

The challenges for these two people dont end when they are rescued. They must now face the ultimate test. Will their feelings for each other survive their return to civilization and the possible censure of each of their own people? A last minute twist leaves you on the edge of your seat.

Starkissed was a good, solid story. The characters were original and compelling. At least JQhir is. Leith was a bit of a brat sometimes. But I chalked that up to the fact that she is only 21 and JQhir is 108, talk about your May/December romance. And JQhirs hissing gets a little tedious, but I was impressed with Ms. Curingtons world building and the way she made a story that could have been a typical sci-fi into a story of love, discovery and acceptance.

Reviewed in June 2003 by Carolyn.

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