by Christine Carlisle

April 2003
ISBN: 0-9733231-0-8
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Christina Carlisle’s novel The Fire Within, tells the touching story of two career minded people who discover that nothing can stand in the way of love. Jessica Seymour is an up and coming journalist who has just joined the staff of World Watch, a hard hitting news show. Sam Armstrong, the director, does not believe that Jessica has what it takes to survive at World Watch. However, as Jessica and Sam try and work out their professional relationship a strong personal relationship develops. When Jessica is stalked by an old boy friend Sam and Jessica both discover what is really important in life- their love for each other.

The Fire Within is an interesting look into the lives of those who report the news every night. I enjoyed this new setting very much and found it be a very unique place for a romance to take place. I also found the interaction between characters to be very believable as the emotions were palpable as I read the book. However, at 83 pages this is an extremely short book and felt that entire story took place much to fast. I did not feel a real connection with these characters because they were jumping from one situation to another so quickly, this also caused the characters to appear one dimensional as they did not experience any kind of emotional change in the book. I felt that this was a good book but has the potentional to be a great book if it were expanded upon.

Reviewed in June 2003 by Jen.

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