by Cynthia Hope

May 2003
ISBN: 0-9733231-1-6
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Angel in Paradise set in the lush backdrop of Hawaii will thrill you with its lovely locale, and leave you wishing you could pack a bag and grab the next plane outta here!

Joy McDonnell is starting a new life; she’s packing up and moving to Hawaii, where her lifelong friend Suzie awaits. On the plane to her new life, she spots a hunk who spots her right back! They play eye spy until his flight companion shows up, who just happens to be fabulously gorgeous. She dismisses him as a flirtation, but Joy is in for a surprise!

Neil Anderson is the mile high hunk, and he’s also a doctor who knows Joy’s friend Suzie. Joy just happens to be a nurse, and guess who needs a nurse at his clinic? Joy accepts the job with Neil and they begin a relationship, but trouble lurks in the way of one fabulously gorgeous pain in the neck! There is also Neil’s reluctance to commit to marriage waiting in the wings. So what will Joy do about Neil’s past issues and the clingy blonde who won’t go away?

This was a typical romance, and I say that with the kindest of hearts. Typical in that, hero meets heroine and they are wildly attracted to one another. Hero just happens to be friends with heroine’s best friend. Hero has had bad experience in his past, preventing him with a future with heroine. Heroine vows to overcome heroes past issues. Couple hits bump in the road with secondary characters stirring up trouble. Misunderstandings abound, hero fights the notion of love kicking and screaming the whole way.

But that was okay with this reviewer, there is comfort in a familiar plot as long as it’s well written, as this was. The folks are likeable, and if it was a bit too easy to predict, with convenient answers to all questions that was fine too. The lush surroundings offered were descriptive, and you’ll learn a thing or two about Hawaii which was fun.

These two aren’t going to steam up your computer screen, but they will make you smile and think… ain't love grand?

Love Hawaiian style is Angel in Paradise

Reviewed in May 2003 by Connie.

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