by Elly-Royce Laurens

May 2003
ISBN: 1-4120-0255-9
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Bargain For Love should be read before Sealed by Revenge. I mean you can do what I did and read Sealed by Revenge first, but I wouldn't recommend it. You just know a little about Bargain For Love from Sealed by Revenge.

Serena is kind-hearted, caring and doesn't like men. She thinks they are all jerks and only after one thing. Well, she received this philosophy from her ex-husband. She doesnít want to date anyone or go out anywhere; she likes her privacy and her quiet time. She is always calm when others around her are frantic, which makes her very good at what she does, which is setting up and running modeling shows.

Serenaís calmn demeanor seems to leave her when she meets Warren. She thinks he is a gypsy and he lets her call him gypsy thinking it was just a nickname, but little did he know that it wasnít. It seems when Warren is around her calmn presence leaves her, and she is short tempered and feisty.

Warren was the cousin to Serenaís best friend, Kyara. Warren is handsome, gets what he wants and doesnít take no for an answer, of course, no one tells him no, except Serena. He is generous to his family, his friends, and his employees.

Serena bumped into Warren and spilled her package, little did she know that Warren still had something from the package that he didnít put in it when he was helping her pick the items up. From that first bumpy meeting between Serena and Warren you could feel the chemistry between the two of them. Each meeting after the first one, only intensified. Letís just say that the second meeting was more intense that most of them.

They both had some problems to get over and deal with before they could finally get together. They had distances that only heightened their feelings for one another and made them realize those feelings were love. They almost lost each other due to some jealous people in their past.

Bargain For Love is a fast paced story that will have you reading until the very end, and leaves you wanting to know more. Ms. Laurens takes us to several different countries with no effort whatsoever, the customs and surroundings are believable and you seem to see whatever the hero and heroine are seeing and doing. The secondary characters are wonderful; we see how they interact with the hero and heroine that make this story great. You will see a few of the secondary characters again in Sealed By Revenge as well as a few of the places.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Pam.

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