by Jewel Stone

July 2003
ISBN: 1-59088-189-3
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Abigail Harper left her luxurious life in the city and her husband, Philip Gallagher, to find herself. His fast paced career as a journalist and his single-minded focus on work left her feeling insecure and abandoned. In a secluded cabin away from the extravagances of the city, Abigail finds her inner strengths and talents as a successful romance writer. Her phenomenal achievements in writing do not lessen the pain of the separation with Philip.

Philip is still waiting for his wife to return home. It has been three years since Abigail left, and he still hasnít given up on her return. When he wakes up from an almost fatal illness and finds her nursing him, he is astounded by fateís decision to give him a second chance at love.

But Abigail isnít the meek and quiet wife she once was. She now has her own ideas and dreams. In order to save his marriage, Philip is going to have to change his ways. Can he, or is the distance separating him and Abigail too wide?

Although it drags on in places, on the whole, Wings of Love is a charming novel. The story is well conceived and nicely executed. The character portrayal is deep and intense, drawing the reader effortlessly into the tale.

Abigail and Philip are both characters who inspire a great deal of empathy. Yet at the same time, I canít help but wonder how Philip claimed to love Abigail but knew nothing about her as a person.

I would have enjoyed seeing more of Sidney, Philipís boss, in the story. She was a very interesting person with potentially villainous traits who could have livened up the story during the slow spots.

Reviewed in May 2003 by Natasha.

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