by Joan Wolf

June 2000
ISBN: 0-446-60694-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Lady Alexandra Wilton finds that she must marry the heir to her fatherís estate in order to inherit his money according to the will he left.

When she discovers that the heir is not her cousin Geoffrey but a highlander from the wilds of Scotland she is horrified. Niall Macdonald is no better pleased to discover that he has to marry a spoiled English beauty.

The story deals with how the two main characterís deal with each other and the sparks that fly between them. There is a lot of passion in this book it ignites between the couple at regular intervals.

There is also a good plotline to the story and the pace is very fast as the reader finds themselves going between the lush English beauty of the Gayles estate to the harsh beauty of the MacDonald clanís home in Glen Alpin in the depths of the highland mountain regions.

The heroine shows she is no spoiled beauty as Niall expects her to be, but a very determined woman in her own right. Niall is just mouth watering!

Joan Wolf knows how to create a hero to delight any womanís heart. Alexandra soon falls under Niallís spell. But what of Geoffrey? He doesnít take kindly to losing Alexandra and Gayles, so this adds tension to the story and another plotline also weaves through the book to add to the readerís pleasure.

This is a book well worth reading and will leave a lasting impression on the reader. I enjoyed this book so much.

Reviewed in May 2003 by Mary.

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