by Elizabeth Jennings

August 2010
ISBN: 978-0-425-23599-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Claire Day is attempting to rebuild her life. A bombing in Laka, West Africa sent her into a coma for three months. After waking up, she has to face extensive rehabilitation, along with the loss of her beloved father, and the loss of her job as one of the best Defense Intelligence Agency analysts. She is rebuilding everything from the ground up and has few memories of anything leading up to the explosion. When she sees a newscast about a man in Washington, DC, being labeled a hero, a memory is jarred from the rubble and Claire heads to DC to meet former marine gunnery sergeant Daniel Weston.

Daniel Weston has mourned Claire Day for a year. She was his ideal woman and still, a year on, he cannot forget her. So, when she shows up unexpectedly at his office in Washington, DC, he is thunderstruck and unbelievably happy. Finally seizing the chance, he invites her to dinner. But things go badly awry when they arrive back at Claire’s hotel to find a gunman waiting in her room. What has Claire triggered that she does not remember?

Dan is determined to keep her safe. Claire is determined to discover the truth. Putting these two strong-willed minds together leads to cataclysmic chemistry and a thrilling adventure. The real rush from the book comes from watching how these characters unlock the mystery and Claire’s memory. The reader has all the advantages because the villain is known outright. However, it is how author Elizabeth Jennings makes this a believable struggle between good versus evil that makes it a fast-paced read. There truly is not a moment to lose for Claire and Dan. They have to find answers immediately.

Elizabeth Jennings is a pseudonym for author Lisa Marie Rice which is great because the trademark heat that this author is known for definitely makes its mark on the story. Dan and Claire certainly seize the day.

Shadows at Midnight relies more on the adventure/thriller aspect of the storyline than the romance, but neither plot line is dull. I liked how these two began their story, in chaos, and ended with something equally chaotic perhaps, but definitely more wonderful. Readers will breeze through this book with total pleasure.

Reviewed in July 2010 by Sarah.

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