by Kate Douglas

ISBN: 0-7599-3905-9
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Oh my! Kate Douglas does it again in this sequel to her charming romance Honeysuckle Rose. Kat Malone is the Department of Transportation agent partnered with Mike Ramsey from that story, and here she gets her own tale of love, growth and danger.

Finding herself pregnant and her lover killed in an accident, Kat turns (unwillingly) to Seamus OíRourke, whose brother, Riley, was the father of Katís child. Itís a complex relationship, made more so by the retiring and insecure Seamus who finds himself out of his depth with the confident and independent Kat.

The story is tense, well-plotted and certainly enough to keep any reader on the edge of their seat, especially towards the final dťnouement. But thatís only half the appeal of this book. In fact, perhaps less than that. Because this is a stunning look at two people and how the emergence of feelings between them changes them into something better than they were at the beginning, and eventually melds them into a single unit that is greater than either could have imagined.

Katís independence is sorely tried by her pregnancy (shoulder holsters donít fit easily over growing bellies), and Seamusí resolve to remain protective but uninvolved weakens with every moment he spends at Katís side. Passionate yet poignant, Kat and Seamus donít even exchange a kiss until later in this story, but there is no lack of heat between these two. Kate Douglas manages to convey the extraordinary depth of their developing emotions and sweep the reader into the seething undercurrents that flash across the short physical distances and enormous psychological gulfs which separate Kat from Seamus.

This is a wonderful, emotional romance, featuring two spellbinding characters. The heat is there, in the love story and in the solid and suspenseful plot that runs beneath. If youíve ever wondered what all the fuss is about when it comes to romance novels, you should definitely read this one. Kate Douglas has penned yet another winner. No surprise to those of us who have enjoyed her work in the past, and certainly a welcome addition to her titles that already grace our bookshelves. (Reviewersí note: This book is also available in print Ė ISBN#0-7599-3806-7).

Reviewed in May 2003 by Celia.

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