by Alexandra Hawkins

August 2010
ISBN: 978-0-312-38125-7
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Spring 1821, London

It had not been easy to escape her two older boorish brothers to go out and enjoy an evening party, but Lady Sophia Northram, with the help of her good friend Fanny had managed it. Since Sophia’s eyesight was ruined at a young age during a terrible scandal involving her parents and the Earl of Rainecourt which resulted in all three’s deaths, Sophia had to depend on the kindness of others to help her navigate. Sophia also had the usage of her walking stick. This was exciting and fun, until Sophia comes face to face with Gabriel Housley, the fifth earl of Rainecourt, the son of the man responsible for her family’s tragedy.

Rainecourt or Reign as he is known amongst his friends is part of a rogue group of merry makers the ton has dubbed the Lords of Vice. Interested in only drinking, gambling and loose women Reign has avoided being duped by another young “innocent” girl into the hellish boundaries of matrimony. His first marriage to one such female had ended in total disaster. Almost a decade later the gossip still follows Reign about the murky circumstances of his pregnant wife’s untimely demise after a horrible quarrel.

Usually Reign avoids the tedious doings of the ton, but on impulse followed some of his friends to this particular party and spots a striking young woman. Discovering she is Lady Sophia Northram and a member of the family his father destroyed doesn’t deter Reign from demanding Sophia dance with him. Realizing that Reign isn’t discouraged by her lack of perfect eyesight, makes Sophia even more drawn to the handsome scoundrel! When her brother arrives and calls out Reign for daring to touch his sister, Reign can do only one thing, fight for Sophia and make her burn Till Dawn with the Devil.

Alexandra Hawkins continues her fascinating series of the Lords of Vice with her second book, Till Dawn with the Devil. The typical deep dark family secrets and scandals we all love in regency novels are quite evident in this tale. Nothing to get over excited about but if you like these type books it makes a good beach read.

Reviewed in July 2010 by Bonnie.

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