by Kate Douglas

ISBN: 1-58200-589-3
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When Rose DeAngelo reaches her breaking point and shoves her fianceís ring back into his pocket in front of her office colleagues, the boss and her ex-future-mother-in-law, itís quite a moment. But little does she realize that this particular moment is just the beginning of her adventures, not the end.

Rose works for an insurance company which numbers several trucking operations amonst its clients. One of which is suffering consistent hijackings. She hijacks a little time for herself and sets off on a short trip only to hit trouble right away when a nasty accident nearly kills her. Fortunately, her rescuer is one hunky guy by the name of Michael Ramsey. The very same Michael Ramsey who is investigating truck hijackings and has one main suspect ó none other than Ms. Rose DeAngelo.

So begins a delightful romantic adventure that takes Ramsey and Rose cross-country and into love. Their experiences range from funny to poignant to downright dangerous, and the plot twists are many and unexpected. But it is the love which grows between these two that cements this story ó a real, up and down, scary as all get-out thing that catches both of them by surprise.

While Rose is a wonderful heroine, by turns spunky, irritated, tired, and just fed up with men, itís Ramsey who steals this book, in my opinion. Heís an honest-to-god guy. Well, providing the honest-to-god guys you know are adorable, handsome, sensitive, dumb at times and just downright huggable. His passion for Rose, his inability to juggle this with his professional worries, and his overwhelming attention to her and awareness of her make him a to-die-for hero. Sigh. Would that the world had more Ramseys in itówe wouldnít need so many romance novels. Rose and Ramsey love, fight, argue and love again, and we are swept up in their need for each other. Here is wonderful, seductive, story-telling at its best, and I highly recommend this book to any romance fan. Itís funny, heartwarming and touches something fundamental in our hearts. Donít miss it.

Reviewed in May 2003 by Celia.

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