by Sandra Hill

October 2010
ISBN: 978-0-425-23740-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Stunt woman Rita Sawyer is up to her eyeballs in debt after inheriting her motherís medical bills when she died of cancer. So when Rita is approached about joining the WEALs, which are like the Navy SEALs but for women, she agrees after finding out about their sign-up bonus. Although grueling, Rita is relishing the challenge of becoming a WEAL but things go wrong during a sea operation and she wakes up to find herself thrust back in time. Captured by a tempting Viking warlord Rita must convince him that sheís not a sea creature but a woman in need of help while she is stuck in the past.

Steven of Norstead has been in a black mood for two years following the mysterious disappearance of his brother. So much so that all his people have taken it upon themselves to cheer him up with anecdotes. It is on his way back from trading that Steven and his men fish an ugly sea creature from the water and take it captive. Once they reach Stevenís keep the creature reveals itself to be a beautiful but unusual woman. Unsure as to who or what or when this woman is from Steven must battle his growing feelings for her for fear that he will lose his heart to a woman that he is not meant to keep.

Dark Viking is yet another fantastic tale from the incredible imagination of Sandra Hill that I could not help but laugh as I read. Rita and Sevenís interactions are a hoot to read as the future meets the past and vice versa. Ritaís desire to return to her time and her struggle with her ever deepening feelings for alpha male Steven is a delight to read. Stevenís openness to the possibilities of where and when Rita is from as well as his willingness to follow her where ever she goes is not only sigh worthy but enough to set hearts a flutter. Sandra Hill once again delivers a great story full of wonderful characters that bring a smile to readerís faces and a heartwarming laugh. I love everything Sandra Hill and as always eagerly await her next creation.

Reviewed in September 2010 by Claudia.

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