by Judith McNaught

ISBN: 0-671-525-751
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Someone To Watch Over Me was a book that took Judith McNaught a long time to write. To me that alone made me curious enough about it to want to read it. Having now read it Iím glad I did.

Leigh and Logan Manning appear to have it all. They have a fabulous apartment in New York. Logan is an architect with a promising future, and Leigh is starring in a smash Broadway play. Soon however their lives are altered beyond anyoneís wildest dreams.

Logan is off for a weekend in the mountains, and Leigh is planning on joining him. The planned reunion never takes place. Leigh has a car accident which nearly claims her life, and when Logan hasnít shown up to inquire about her after several days a massive search is mounted for him. The search eventually turns up Logan, but unfortunately he is dead.

When itís decided Loganís death isnít suicide but murder the police launch a massive investigation with a man named Michael Valente as their prime suspect. Leigh who didnít much like Valente when they first met soon ends up being his staunchest supporter.

Ms. McNaught has woven a story of murder and intrigue that kept me turning pages. The secondary characters were warm and loving, and while they might have tried to turn themselves into primary characters they soon remembered their places as the secondary characters.

While the sexual tension between several characters in the book is sizzling the book itself is not what I would consider steamy at all. The suspense stayed, and the climax was well written, and not rushed. The wait was long, but in my opinion worth it.

Reviewed in May 2003 by Sandi.

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