by Kate Douglas

March 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4201-0999-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Author Kate Douglas is forging new ground in her most recent novel, Demonfire. Shifting her focus away from her erotic Chanku characters, she has embarked on an intriguing paranormal romance series. If the first book is any indication, readers will be thrilled with the detour.

Eddy Marks has heard all the stories, in fact her father has concocted most of them. As a reporter, she is supposed to be looking for news, but tales of possessed garden ornaments is just a bit out of her league. She doesn't know whether to recommend a good shrink or give her dad another Lemurian tall tale to mull over. Her father is convinced that refugees from Atlantis still live deep within Mount Shasta, and this would just be more fodder for his overactive imagination. Always a skeptic, Eddy prefers to deal with reality that is until she sees a garden gnome wielding a pitchfork!

Dax is in agony. He is in a form wholly unlike his demon self, and apparently under attack. The vicious little imp who stabbed him was an annoyance to be sure. Thankfully it had been dispatched by a shovel-wielding woman who was staring at him as if she had seen something strange. Demons and pitchforks must not be a common occurrence in California.

Dax is on a mission. He has been given seven days to close the portal to Abyss and save the citizens of Evergreen from the demons that have been pouring through the portal. A fallen demon, one who has lost his home in Abyss and charged by the rulers of Eden to aid mankind. How did this happen? How can he concentrate on his task when all he can think about is Eddy?

Demonfire is an action-packed introduction to a dangerous world. Eddy and Dax will need all the help they can get to close the portal before the week is up. Freakishly possessed statuary pose a deadly threat and there is a gargoyle masterminding the entire assault. Just what readers are looking for! I hope Ms. Douglas is writing very fast!

Reviewed in April 2010 by Paula.

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