by Cara Summers

May 2010
ISBN: 978-0-373-79544-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #540
Mass Market Paperback

It was bad enough when Naomi Brightman discovered that her former boyfriend was a liar and a jerk. Did he have to smear her reputation with his criminal activities too? Fired from the law firm because of guilt by association, Naomi wants to get away and regroup. The FBI did not tell her to stay in town, so she is headed for Haworth House.

The former home of a reclusive movie star, Haworth House offers everything Naomi needs – seclusion and support. Since she and her sisters acquired the island property off the Maine coast, they have turned the home into a charming hotel. She can be spoiled, surrounded by family and pampered until she decides what to do next.

On the ferry ride to the island, a chance encounter with a traveler reminds Naomi of the secret room, and the hatbox that the three girls found during their first visit to Haworth House. The hatbox had a note attached to it that read:

Fantasy box. Choose carefully. The one you draw out will come true.

When each of the sisters drew a slip of paper from the box, Naomi could not believe her eyes. Her secret fantasy was written on the note. Something she had never told anyone. Something she would never, ever imagine coming true. Something forbidden, nearly taboo.

Dane MacFarland is tailing Naomi. The private investigator does not believe that she is involved in her boyfriend's criminal activities, but he does think she knows something he can use. He believes he has come up with the perfect cover story and disguise to allow him to get close to her without raising suspicions. Little does he know that it may prove too tempting to resist.

Author Cara Summers brings us the first of her new series with Led Into Temptation. Naomi cannot help but be attracted to Dane, even though “off limits” is putting it mildly. When you add danger to the mix, readers will get a passionate novel with just enough suspense and mystery to keep it moving. I am intrigued to know what the other two fantasies will be in the coming books.

Reviewed in April 2010 by Paula.

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