by Eryn Blackwell

April 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4199-2726-3
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Acelwyn is a healer for her village. She is watching as the new baron is taking over the land she lives on. Acelwyn is also betrothed to an ogre of a man, and she dreads the day she will have to marry him. Man, she wants to get out of it, but before her father died he set up the contract. Now she has no choice until the new baron offers her an option, her bed for his protection.

Roidan is a new baron. He was just given these lands by the new king. This opportunity gives him a chance to put his mark on the world and leave something for his heirs. While he is setting up, he sees Acelwyn standing on a far away hill. Then when he gets a closer look, he finds her face beautiful and her voice arouses the beast within.

Roidan awakens Acelwyn to all the pleasures of the flesh, and she in turn becomes a very satisfying companion. But then, danger occurs and Acelwyn finds herself in the abusive hands of her former betrothed, and she either has to be saved or suffer a life of abuse and desolation. Roidan finds himself grappling with feelings he thought were lust, but have emerged to be so much more.

Baronís Right is an enjoyable, erotic read. The detail that Ms Blackwell puts in allows you to see the characters at the height of the passion. You will enjoy the story development and the climax will leave you breathless. This is a story you want to wrap your self in and savor every drop.

Reviewed in August 2010 by Lakisha.

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