by Emma Ray Garrett

April 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60521-404-7
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The workings of Heaven and Hell are unbeknownst to the inhabitants of the Earth. There are stories of passion, love, and rejection that pepper the lives of otherworldly beings known as angels, demons, God, Lucifer, and other beings that exist beyond human eyes and understanding.

Malina is the daughter of Lucifer and she longs to fulfill her destiny as being a part of the Protectorate, but her dad has other ideas. He wants her to be the submissive of the Archangel, Gabriel. So, he gives Malina to Gabriel to posses. Malina is pissed, but she highly attracted to him so it is no big hardship. Even though the lovemaking is mind blowing, Malina senses he is holding apart of himself back from her and she needs all of him to feel whole in their relationship.

When it is time for Malina to fulfill her destiny and save the world from another seed of Lucifer, Gabriel causes some difficulties and she must choose between the man she loves and her ultimate destiny. There are two other pieces to this puzzle: The Archangel Michael and a dirty mouthed vampire named Gemma. It is gonna take an act of God for Malina to fulfill her life’s call and for Gabriel to open his eyes to who she truly is.

Michael has to have Gemma, plain and simple. Gemma needs Michael but she is too stubborn to admit it. She hates ALL Archangels because her father, Remiel, is the Archangel that abandoned her. She is has made it her life work to recover foundlings, children who have been abandoned by their supernatural parents. Now she needs the help of Michael for an important mission to save a special baby. When she is about to die, Michael and her enter a covenant that may save her life and bond them for eternity.

Raphael has been reunited with is daughter, Amelial, and owes a lot to her surrogate mother, a powerful mage, Soluna. For years he has ignored his lust for Soluna, but when Amy is called away for training he can no longer ignore the needs of his body and his soul. Soluna has been waiting for three years for Raphael to make her his. Since she is a submissive, she can not make her needs known. But in her her heart of hearts she longs to be possessed and dominated by this Archangel.

Heaven and Hell Collection is a very interesting read. It may cause devout Christians some pause because it humanizes beings that are divine in the Christian belief. For some of us, it flirts with the line of blasphemy. It is engaging and the love scenes are hot, but if you are not viewing this open-minded, as a piece of fiction, you will be grossly offended.

Reviewed in August 2010 by Lakisha.

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