by Marteeka Karland

April 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60521-412-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Changeling Press

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Darklings are creatures, once human beings, who now protect humanity from things that go bump in the night. As a reward for their services, each Darkling is promised a woman of their own to keep and cherish. Mary first learns of all this when she reads a book clearly marked “Don’t read this!”.

Drawn into the Darkling world, she has to accept the creature or risk a lifetime of danger at the hands of the Darkling’s enemies. Naming her Darkling, Drykin, Mary must come to terms with her destiny and embrace the sensual passion he unleashes in her.

Darkling Lust is a really disappointing erotic novella. The characters did not grip me, neither did the storyline. It had a nice premise, but didn’t follow through. The plot was hollow with no real depth to the characters. I do believe this could have been solved by making the story a little bit longer than thirty or so pages – with more information about the characters, it would have added a richness and depth to the story.

When I started reading, I felt a bit adrift as you are immediately thrown into a ‘kidnap’ scene between Mary and the Darkling. Mary describes reading from a book and this being the cause of her problem, as a reader I would have loved to have seen this scene however, it was completely missed out.

The sex is sensual and as descriptive as you would expect from an erotic romance, but it lacked emotional punch.

Unfortunately, Darkling Lust is a very disappointing read.

Reviewed in August 2010 by Donna.

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