by Jasmine Haynes

April 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60737-567-8
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Natalie Beaumonde is an executive assistant for the hot, brooding Mr. Masters. She never really thought deeply about him until very recently. Recently, as in when she walked in on her boyfriend with a dominatrix, doing unspeakable acts with a dildo. This devastation caused her to fall down on the job, big time. Natalie has never made any mistakes on her job. She would be described as hard-working and efficient. Until the day Mr. Masters calls her into his office and wishes to punish her with a spanking. Shocked and turned on Natalie complies and everything starts from there.

Mr. Masters has been watching Natalie for about a year. When she starts making huge mistakes on the job, he seizes the opportunity to take his pleasure and punish her. Once he starts down this path with her, he cannot get enough of hearing her sweet cries and reveling in her soft body. What has he gotten himself into?

Take Your Pleasure is a sexy rendezvous read. This story is bondage play in its hottest form. The hero is commanding, dark, and sexy, and his heroine is sweet and innocent, but she craves to be debauched. This story will make you want to take a ride on the dark side of sensuality, and explore the your deepest longings.

Reviewed in June 2010 by Lakisha.

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