by Alexis Morgan

ISBN: 978-1-4391-7592-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Piper Ryan was not particularly happy that her new job would entail having to share an office with the new Chief Talion, Greyhill Danby. First of all the dude with his fancy British accent, classy Jaguar and designer suits seemed stuffy. He was eying Piperís pink striped hair and short skirt like she was something from another planet. Piper had her own agenda trying to fit in with the Kyth and getting close to their new Grand Dame Kerry Thorsen. Becoming Kerryís personal assistant was Piperís ticket. Now all she needed to do was convince Grey she wasnít a threat.

Greyhill Danby recently transferred to Seattle from England to be the Dameís new chief Talion. This was an important position, and one Grey was hoping to do to the best of his ability, even if it meant putting up with Dame Kerryís weirdo assistant Piper Ryan. The woman and her punk rock outfits were strange enough, but she was getting to him in more ways that Grey was not exactly comfortable with. She was built with long lean legs and a sexy tattoo around her thigh, plus once he starts to get to really know Piper Ryan he finds she is also a highly intelligent and sophisticated woman. But business and duty call first, and Grey is thrust into a plot to assassinate Kerry and her consort, the Viking warrior Talion Ranulf Thorsen. Grey needs to use all his Talion powers if he is to uncover the rogue Kyth plotting against their new Dame. The heated distraction of Piper Ryan leaves this Talion a Dark Warrior Untamed!

The third in Alexis Morganís sizzling Talion Warriors series is Dark Warrior Untamed. We continue to see more plotline development with the added characters of Greyhill Danby and Piper Ryan plus renewing our acquaintance with other key players from the previous books gives us more insight into the fascinating paranormal world of the Kyth. I would have liked to see more background on Greyhill other then he is a highly skilled warrior from England. I would have also thought to lighten up a bit on Piperís unorthodox appearance. Overall Dark Warrior Untamed is an exhilarating read running on pure adrenaline!

Reviewed in June 2010 by Bonnie.

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