by Debbie Mazzuca

April 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4201-1005-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Scotland, present day.

This business trip to Scotland for Dr. Aileanna Graham was not going exactly according to plan. Ali gets lost in the middle of a torrential downpour and stranded at an ominous Scottish Highland castle. The caretaker invites her in to warm up and rest, and gives her a brief tour and some background history of the castle, including the MacLeod family legend of the fairy flag. He shows Ali some ancestral portraits, two of whom draw Aliís attention. That of fierce 16th century Laird Rory MacLeod and his wife Brianna who bears an uncanny resemblance to Ali! Itís said the MacLeods were given the flag by fairies and were allowed to call upon its magic in times of trouble by raising it. With the tale of the flag and the unforgettable image of Rory MacLeod still fresh on her mind, Ali falls asleep but suddenly wakes in a different room of the castle with a very real, very live Rory making love to her!

16th Century, Scottish Highlands

Badly wounded in battle, proud warrior Laird Rory MacLeod lays feverishly in his bed dreaming of his beloved late wife, Brianna, but finds himself kissing a very live and very beautiful female. The lass awakens and begins spouting off in the most strangest of speech calling him all kinds of names, (some he cannot understand), and cursing a blue streak! Where did this woman come from? In the commotion that follows, Roryís family members storm the room and discover that Ali is a healer and has the ability to save Rory. Other than the physical similarity to Brianna, Aileanna is nothing like her. She is very opinionated, strong willed, and awakens a dormant passion inside Rory that he thought died with his wife. With the storm of war fast approaching, noble Lord of the Isles Rory must protect his clan at all cost, even if it means putting his growing feelings aside for Ali.

Debut author Debbie Mazzuca is a contender right alongside the proven talents of Sue Ellen Welfonder, Hannah Howell and Melissa Mayhue with her bold and exciting tale Lord of the Isles. Plenty of drama, lots of humor, and steamy hot passion abound between sexy alpha hero Rory and heroine Ali. There are some routine plotlines that we almost come to expect in these type books, but Debbie Mazzuca gives them a fresh look. Great secondary characters round out the story. Look out Scottish romance fans, there is a new talent to add to your must read list of authors.

Reviewed in May 2010 by Bonnie.

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