by Susan Fox

April 2010
ISBN: 978-0-7582-3826-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Nav Bharaniís has been in love with Kat Fallon since the moment he met her as a new neighbor. Due to circumstances and their involvement with others, Nav was quickly placed in Katís friend category but that is all about to change when Kat asks Nav for a favor.

Tired of hearing about all the losers she dates Kat is dreading going to her sisterís wedding without a proper date to get her family off her back. It is as Kat is complaining to her best friend Nav that she is hit with inspiration and she asks Nav to pose as her pretend beau. Although Nav is filled with some trepidation he realizes that this might be the only chance heíll get to get out of Katís friend category and prove to her that they are meant to be together. What starts off as kinky episodes to throw Kat off balance soon leads to much more and towards the possible loss of a friendship they both hold dear.

Love, Unexpectedly is a great tale of two friends who risk it all for a chance at love. Katís attraction to losers makes it hard for her to see past her preconceptions to the love that awaits her in Navís arms. But Nav is more than ready to go after the woman that possesses his heart even if it means the possible destruction of their friendship. Susan Fox creates red hot scenes that are sure to ignite characters and readers alike and reduce them to ash. I look forward to once again picking up some of Susan Foxís work and following her characters on another scorching adventure.

Reviewed in September 2010 by Claudia.

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