by Christine Warren

March 2010
ISBN: 978-0-312-35719-1
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

When the Others revealed their existence to the world at large, the residents of Stone Creek, Oregon were not surprised. They had been living amidst were-animals for a long time, and had learned to adapt to their friends and neighbors' nocturnal habits. Hunters took special care to know exactly where to go for their sport, and no one wanted to accidentally shoot one of their fellow citizens. This tolerant community had no qualms about embracing the Others. They were just part of the crowd.

Josie Barrett always knew she would follow in her father's career path. Even as a child, she was more interested in helping him at the veterinary clinic than in playing with dolls. After he retired, Josie was happy to keep the family practice going strong. Some might say she was a little too dedicated, living above the clinic, and taking patients whenever the need arose, but to her it was all part of the job.

When an evening of pizza and case files is interrupted by the sheriff, Josie doesn't hesitate. There is a wolf with a gunshot wound who needs her help. She normally doesn't treat the were-animals, but the “human” doctor is on a fishing trip and the injuries cannot wait.

Sheriff Eli Pace has noticed the attractive vet before, but this brings him into much closer contact. Being a were-lion himself, Eli is worried that someone may be targeting shifted citizens, and he will be keeping a very close eye on Josie and her patient. When more shapeshifters start showing signs of strange behavior Josie and Eli will find themselves in the middle of a very dangerous situation. They will have to put their budding romance on hold while they solve the mysterious illness and find out who caused it.

Born to Be Wild is a welcome change of scenery for the Others series. Breaking free of the urban setting in the rest of the books, author Christine Warren not only breathes new air into her novel, but she also opens the way to more books about the residents of Stone Creek. Out in the Oregon wilderness, the politics of the Council seem remote, and the needs of everyday people more important. I am interested to see what direction her next book takes.

Reviewed in April 2010 by Paula.

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