by Opal Carew

July 2010
ISBN: 978-0-312-58014-8
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Trade Paperback

Sex columnist Kara is on her way to a conference hoping to open her mind to some ideas that are out there to learn about. As far as Kara is concerned, sex is just a physical thing and she stays far away from any romantic union of love. Her reason for going to the conference is the people she writes for think her work might be getting a bit stale.

While running late to catch a plane that will leave late she finds herself sexually attracted to another passenger. J.M. is a Tantra master, he is one who believes that the sexual union of two people is not just sex but a spiritual union that not only brings two bodies together but also their soul.

Kara and J.M. do have a very physical desirability to each other but for one it is just a way to satisfy an itch. That is until J.M. teaches her a bit about Tantra. Will Kara be willing to really open herself up to learn from this master instructor or will she fight the Bliss that he can teach her to feel and also master herself? Will J.M. be willing to teach her and in the end realize he could give her so much more? Will these two become soul mates or will it but just what Kara thinks physical sexual attraction? Will either of them realize that their hearts maybe involved?

I enjoy Bliss by Opal Carew but was disappointed with the way some of the scenes were written. I really thought that there would be a more descriptive scenes and I did not get what I expected for a book that was a erotic romance.

Reviewed in June 2010 by Theresa.

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