by Sherry Thomas

June 2010
ISBN: 978-0-553-59244-3
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Mass Market Paperback

The Marquess of Vere is a bumbling, misspoken, but well-liked man of society. Little do the lords and ladies know that Vere is anything but the idiot he portrays. In reality, Vere spends his time solving crimes for the Crown. His silly façade is the perfect way to keep his true secrets close to his chest. Now he is after Edmund Douglas, a diamond mine owner suspected of much wrongdoing. It seems impossible to get inside his house but there is one factor Vere is counting on: Miss Elissande Edgerton, Douglas’s niece.

Elissande is trapped in a horror story. Her beloved aunt is fading away with the help of laudanum, her uncle is a cruel dictator in her life and it seems impossible that Elissande will ever escape. However, when a plethora of rats overruns a neighboring estate, Elissande seizes her chance and focuses all her attentions on a Marquess. She knows she is just using him as an excuse to escape, but with just three short days to get out from under her uncle’s clutches forever, Elissande will do whatever it takes.

This is a fabulous, absolutely scintillating story about the roles we play in order to live. Neither Elissande nor Vere are innocent in their courtship. Vere gets caught in his own trap, while Elissande feels setting a trap was the only choice she had. There is anger, mistrust, and deception on both sides. The joy of this story comes from peeling away the layers of these characters and seeing them exposed to each other.

There is a strong attraction between Elissande and Vere from the very first but so much else gets in the way. This is a book with several interesting plot threads running through it (Edmund Douglas’s crimes, Vere’s deceptions and life as a covert spy, Elissande’s determination to escape) but it is a smoothly written story nonetheless. Sherry Thomas pens an absolutely mesmerizing love story. So much could go wrong for this couple but instead, they each finally have the chance for happiness.

His at Night is a luscious and complex love story, the very best kind to read! Be swept away and watch the masks fall off as Vere and Elissande fall for each other.

Reviewed in May 2010 by Sarah.

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