by Louise Marley

July 2010
ISBN: 978-0-7582-4212-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Kensington Publishing
Trade Paperback

Teresa Saporiti leaves home as a teen to follow her dreams of becoming a singer. She finds work with an opera company where Teresa hones her craft. Her life as an opera singer takes her to places she would never otherwise visit. She meets people whom she would never have met, most significantly, Mozart. Teresa is captivated by his musical genius, by the man himself. This charismatic composer develops quite a following of female admirers. Countess Zdenka Milosch is one admirer, she is also a vampire. During one night of passion the Countess, Mozart, and Teresa 'share the tooth’ thereby changing their lives forever.

With the gift of immortality comes a curse: Along with the blood comes the memories, good and bad. Mozart is unable to deal with the unwanted memories and refuses to partake of blood. No matter how Teresa begs him, Mozart refuses and inevitably dies. Teresa learns to compartmentalize the memories from whom she drinks. What she cannot bring herself to do is kill her ’donors’. This, for La Società, is unacceptable. The elders, as they are also called, choose who may join them. The rules, therefore, are to kill those from whom you drink. Because Teresa will not kill they come up with a solution.

Ughetto is a werewolf and he is chosen by La Società to procure blood for Teresa, who has now reinvented herself as Helene Singher. In exchange, they will provide him with an herb which prevents the wolf from taking him over. Together, through the passing of time and different personas, Ughetto and Helene, now Octavia Voss, become constant companions.

Someone has learned their secrets and wants what Octavia has which is Mozart’s blood. With Mozart’s blood comes his genius, his passion for music. In Octavia, with her own gift for song, the mixture has made her the opera queen of the world. This person will do anything to have that gift, even resort to kidnapping and torturing Ughetto. Octavia is left unprotected, vulnerable, and alone. Without Ughetto she is forced to find blood on her own. Whether La Società likes it or not.

Mozart’s Blood by Louise Marley is historical fiction based on a real-life character, the opera singer Teresa Saporiti. Louise Marley expertly draws from her own knowledge of the world of opera and blends it with paranormal legend to create a masterpiece fit for every bookshelf.

Although slow in its beginning, Mozart’s Blood heats up to become as compelling as Mozart’s Don Giovanni. It is not a romance novel, but the love of music and the passion it involves moves the characters as well as the reader.

If you are ready for a new type of Vampire book and you love classical music be sure to pick up Mozart’s Blood today.

Reviewed in September 2010 by Rho.

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